The riverside town of Hokitika has a proud European New Zealand history going back to the Gold rush of the mid-1860’s and a Maori history going back centuries before this.

Today you will find a vibrant riverside town full of character and things to see and do. A busy town centre with numerous shops and businesses that include greenstone, glassblowing, crafts, gold, and souvenirs all framed by river and seaside walks. Pounamu or greenstone comes from this area of New Zealand and this is the place to buy quality locally fashioned jade at a good price.

The cafes and restaurants are first class and the town is thriving from local and international tourism all through the year.

There are several excellent examples of heritage buildings including the art deco Regent theatre, Saint Mary’s Catholic church and several former bank and old Government buildings.

Across the Road from Stopforth’s is Cass square a large park with a playground, skatepark, and well-planted gardens. Rugby and cricket are played here throughout the year.

Hokitika’s population is around 3500 the main industries are farming with a dairy factory the main employer. Other industries include gold mining and tourism. The town is a classic south island town with wide open streets a low crime rate and tidy well kept houses.

Hokitika is a gateway town to the Glaciers and has an excellent I Site 4 minutes walk from Stopforth’s open every day through the year. Close to Hokitika (10-30 kilometers) are beautiful bush surrounded lakes Mahinapua and Kaniere and the stunning Hokitika Gorge all free to visit and loaded with beautiful scenery.

You will enjoy your visit to our lovely town and Sonja and I Iook forward to meeting you.